Transmission Maintenance

We can take a look under the hood

Getting a transmission fluid change and transmission flush is important maintenance for your vehicle’s health and durability – that’s why vehicle manufacturers recommend regularly scheduled transmission service. If you keep up with your transmission maintenance, your car can run for many years to come .

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Alpha Transmission’s expert transmission mechanics can take care of all your vehicle transmission needs and keep your car functioning at peak performance for a long time. Whatever your car or truck mileage, Alpha Transmission will service your transmission according to your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations. We’ll keep you running right.

Transmission Repair

We take care of your vehicle like we take care of our own.

Transmission Repair Charleston SC

Does your vehicle need a transmission diagnosis, transmission service, or transmission repair or a rebuild? Alpha Transmissions is a transmission repair shop that has built a solid reputation for quality transmission service and transmission repairs & rebuilds. That’s why we’d like to invite you to Alpha Transmissions when your vehicle requires a transmission diagnosis, transmission repair, rebuild or transmission service.

The staff at our Alpha Transmissions service and repair center is highly trained and certified with one common goal in mind – QUALITY SERVICE AT HONEST PRICES. Taking care of your automotive transmission needs at our shop early on can go a long way in saving you money.

Transmission Rebuild

We can fine-tune your car

Did you know that not all transmission repair shops can do a transmission rebuild?  In Charleston SC, Alpha Transmissions specializes in transmission rebuilds and transmission repairs and services, which is why other other shops, as well as our past customers refer us again and again.

The next time you need a transmission diagnosis, transmission service, or transmission repair/rebuild performed on your vehicle, schedule an appointment with Alpha Transmissions at our Charleston SC transmission repair center in West Ashley near Citadel Mall.

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